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Bathroom Tips

“Falling For You” – From The Australian Tile Council

In this article, Colin Cass, a tiling consultant and member of the Tile Today editorial board, looks at issues related to falls in floors and the requirements of the recently revised Australian Standard on waterproofing of wet areas within residential buildings. Fall, slope or gradient, whatever you call it, how much is enough to effectively remove waste water from a floor? There appears no simple answer to this simple question…….Read More!

Practical Bathrooms

The most practical tip we could give to anyone looking to renovate a bathroom is to ask themselves:

“Do I want a bathroom with a terrific visual impact or do I want a bathroom that is practical, serviceable and low maintenance?”

Often the two are incompatible and compromises have to be made. Your answer to this question will shape the final product. Our mission is to inform and discuss possibilities and alternatives, so you have all the information that you need to make a decision that is right for you.

Set a budget

It is important to set a budget before embarking on a $25,000 bathroom renovation when $12,000 was the maximum you ever intended to spend. There are sites on the internet that will inform on the average cost of bathroom make over or full remodelling for example: www.bathroomprices.com.au

Choosing Colours

When it comes to colours this is a personal matter, apart from general observations that are common knowledge:

  • pastel coloured tiles seem to open up space and
  • darker hues tend to compress space,
  • we avoid giving opinions as you may end up with a bathroom WE like while the objective is to build the bathroom YOU like. We restrict ourselves to technical advice on tile sizes, building techniques and bathroom fixtures. They all have specific purpose and we can advise.

Bathroom Cleaning

For bathroom cleaning and maintenance, we can offer the following time proven methods:

  • Store a cleaning kit within reach of anyone using the bathroom – rinse sponges, cloths and toilet brushes after each use
  • Washing up liquid is as good as specialist cleaners for cleaning baths, showers andd vanity bowls. Wipe around immediately after use to keep these areas clean
  • If there are glass fibre products in your bathroom, avoid harsh abrasive cleaning products, these will dull surface. Instead rub away stubborn marks with washing up liquid
  • A wipe of white vinegar will prevent the build up of hard water deposits on shower doors, leave it on for half an hour then rinse with water

Questions & Answers

Q: If we decide to go with Imaginative Bathrooms who is doing the work?

A: The work in the main is carried out by the owner of the business and a small team of helpers and specialists whenever required

Q: How long has the business been operating for?

A: The first license R60254 was granted on 11/5/1978 it was upgraded on 1/7/1986 to include waterproofing and full bathroom renovations. It is a “Q” license whereby the holder is personally Qualified to handle the physical work

Q: What could go wrong with a completed renovation?

A: Nowadays tiles are no longer falling off the wall. Waterproofing or rather the lack of  waterproofing is the most serious complaint and the most litigious in it’s resolution. At Imaginative bathrooms, Waterproofing and Tiling is done by the same hand, it is your guarantee there will be no dispute between tiler and waterproofer, as is often the case.

Q: How good is your work and how confident are you?

A: Nobody lasts 40 years in business without doing something right. We were a finalist in a National bathroom competition in 2003. As for confidence, we have never ever asked for a deposit, your first payment is  at the end of the first week of work.